WTF- What the Furlough? Part 1

 Part 1 When What You are Doing, is No Longer Working: Planning a Career Shift, Means Making a Mental Shift  Taking time off work and being laid off work are two completely different circumstances. In the former, you have made a…


Pause! iBalanceMe Summer Life Project Recap

Many are joining our summer life project, so let me catch us up to speed. FIRST The June timeline is available here on FB, Twitter, and you can subscribe to the newsletter to directly receive each post. This is key…


Fasting as a means to Balance! Day 8

A favorite hymn of the church reads ‘time is filled with swift transition, none on earth unmoved can stand, build your hopes on things eternal, hold to Gods unchanging hand.’ During the day as you face decisions about your next…


Fasting as a means to Balance! Day 7

Sunday is a day of rest for some and for others it is a day filled with food, fun and fellowship. The key to weekend success when fasting is to limit social engagement. True it is hard to spend quality…


Fasting as a means to Balance! Day 4

On this day many things may have popped in your mind. Especially those things that require your undivided attention. By now you know that fasting is not about weight loss of pounds; but, about losing your heavier mental and emotional…


Fasting as a means to Balance! Day 3

Sometimes what hinders or hurt us can be the very thing we need to motivate us. We all need closure in our lives, but getting there can be an uncomfortable and painful process. So today as you continue in the…


Fasting as a means to Balance! Day 2

During the @iBalanceMe summer life challenge you will find you need balance mentally, emotionally, financially, socially, or physically. Yet, at the end of the day each can be solved by reconnecting spiritually. As I approach my 21 day journey through…


Fasting As A Means To Balance! Day 1

Today begins phase 2 of our summer life project. It is the 21 Day Daniel Fast. You know that thing you just can’t put your finger on…; the one something that you know needs to happen, but are unable to…


Backing Off As A Means To Balance!

People often confuse having to complete every project, manage every crisis, attend to every persons needs as the definition of balance or mental picture of what balance can be for them. They reality is sometimes you have to exercise one…

Jacquie Hood Martin Talks Balanced Living in the Dream Studio with Jamila Chambers

Jacquie Hood Martin joins Jamila Chambers in the Dream Studio on RMG Radio to discuss her book Fulfilled! The Art and Joy of Balanced Living and taking a balanced approach to life.